I just had a baby 18wks ago and I'm get fat why is that i had my tubes tired is!

Question: I weigh more now then I did when i was carring my baby.I cry evrytime i look at myself this is my 3 kid is that why I'm getting fat?
Don't be so hard on yourself. It seriously takes a full year for your body to recover from having a baby. 18 weeks isn't really all that long. I had two kids and my body did return to it's natural size and weight but it does take time. Having your tubes tied would have nothing to do with "weight gain". Just focus on your beautiful children and realized they are a part of you instead of focusing so much on your weight. Give your body more time. Good luck and keep your chin up!

Other Answers:
You need to exercise, and eating twice a day means nothing if you're eating fatty foods. Eat veggies and some protein and carbs, you need a good balance with those. But you MUST exercise, get out 3 times a week to walk around the block at least. It would be best if you did some cardio, like step aerobics, but if you can't.. get out and walk and drink a LOT of water.


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