hey how can i get rid of my strech marks on the skin?actually can i get rid of d!

you can get rid of them! try rubbing castor oil into them as often as you can, they will begin to fade.

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Nivia has a firming lotion that works great. They won't go away completely but they will reduce significantly.
stretchmanrks usually go away themselves when your skin no longer has the necessity to stretch. To quicken the process however they sell some great lotions and oils at bath and body works. Also check out the maternity store, the lotions new mothers use for their stretched skin are likely to be less expensive.
You cannot get rid of stretch marks UNLESS you get laser surgery. You can, however, use some type of cream like mederma (sp?) to lighten the appearance. But no lotion or cream will get rid of them.
They won't ever go away completely, something you can use is Maderma, I've used it and it takes a long time and is kindof expensive, but it makes them almost totally disappear. It is found at any pharmacy and takes about six weeks but you do see results sooner.
i just saw this newscast this morning about a treatment that will get rid of stretch marks permanetly. it costs about $2100 for all 7 treatments and it doesn't hurt. they also promoted a cream. here goes the article.

hope this helps :P
Stretch Marks
Gayle Anderson was live with: Dr. Richard W. Fleming to see his SALT-A-PEEL therapy to eliminate or reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Dr. Richard W. Fleming
The Beverly Hills Institute
of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery,
416 North Bedford Drive, Suite 200
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 278-8823

If Dr. Fleming's SALT-A-PEEL macrodermabrasion is not appealing or too expensive, there are products such as TUMMY HONEY STRETCH MARKS SOLUTIONS. TUMMY HONEY BUTTER is mildly cocoa butter scented & includes Active Stretch Mark Prevention. Stretch Marks are the result of skin that has stretched faster than the skin is able to accommodate, mainly because the skin elasticity is not maintained. TUMMY HONEY BUTTER is ideal for pregnant mothers who want to focus on preventing stretch marks. This all-natural product is totally oil based and specially formulated to keep skin ultra moist and achieve maximum elasticity during pregnancy. TUMMY HONEY CREAM is the ideal solution for fading existing stretch marks. This unscented cream contains a unique plant extract clinically proven to fade stretch marks as much as 50% or more. It's difficult to fade stretch marks completely, but this company claims it has found no other solution to be as effective as Tummy Honey. The company predicts results after just 4-6 weeks of use! This fading cream is also ideal for pregnant moms who want to minimize further stretch marks. Tummy Honey Products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed by their manufacturer, Mother's Intuition.

This product is the winner of the iParenting Award for Excellence. For more information, go to the company's website: http://www.bonnybabies.com
you can't get rid of stretch marks
To prevent future sretch marks use cocobutter lotions as they help skin produce new cells faster.

To get rid of stretch marks that are already there try Re-Fine Stretch Mark Soother by Avon. I've used it, and it works good. You have to apply it twice a day everyday though. But the results are worth it.


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