don't anorexic ppl take pills to get rd of their hunger?!

not to get rid of hunger but that's their meal

Other Answers:
Not every anorexic. Some just can ignore their feelings. Everyone's different.
no. they take pills to make them hungry
some do,but when you starve yourself,your stomaches surface area will decrease,and you need even smaller amounts to feel full,not to mention the damage done that may make one lose their appetite
no not all of them I was once an anorexic and I just didn't eat only drank lots of diet soda
Not always , but sometimes .
sometimes they can
No, they do not have to. I became anorexic when I was 13. I didn't like the way I looked so I started skipping breakfast and lunch and only ate dinner. I was extremely hungry by the time dinner got here. After doing it that whole year I got used to it and wasn't hungry anymore. In 9th grade I was involved in a lot of school activities so I was always busy. That is when I started to forget to eat at all some days. Sometimes I went a whole week without realizing I forgot to eat until I passed out. Then I would nibble on vegetables or something to not feel hungry. I was doing this until I turned 19 and found out I was pregnant. I was hospitalized and told I could not leave until I was eating normal again. I eat normal now but still have problems with being anemic, no matter what I eat or take.
some do, but not all.
some ignore feeling hungry.


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