What's a good brand of cologne?!

Question: Where do you spray the cologne on your body for the best results?
Old Spice. Spray it all over your face, neck, and hair.

Other Answers:
My hubby uses Abercrombie & Fitch's Fierce. I like it alot.
lucky for men
Cool Water Cologne smells great on a guy!
Oh god, if your a guy that smells good your guarenteed alot of things. Tag, .some axe brands, and Ambercrombie.
Obsession for men
any newer polo cologne..polo blue, polo black, polo romance silver and original...good stuff.i wear blue..also lacoste has a new scent out called essential.its great.
Under your arms, neck, sides and if neccesay your chest. The aroma will spread quicker in open spaces, smaller areas on your body will not release so much good scents.
Sundown.or.Preferred Stock
parco raban. armpits, chest and neck.
I like Aqua De Gio

and Coolwater

The "Hot" Spots

The best spots to apply cologne are the areas of your body that produce the most body heat. Body heat "activates" the cologne, increasing the strength of the smell and making it last as long as possible. while colder areas of your body tend to dull the smell and make it disappear more rapidly. To achieve maximum results when wearing cologne, apply it to the following body parts : Wrists, neck, arm pits, and behind the ears. When using a cologne spray, do NOT spray behind your ears, spray it onto your hands and wipe it on. the last thing you want is to smell like you took a bath in your cologne. Another added bonus of putting cologne behind your ears is the fact that when you are in a club with loud music girls tend to talk into your ear so you can hear them. and when they do they will get a nice gentle whiff of your scent.
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and to answer your question, your neck and your wrist.. those are where body heat is released!
Vera Wang for Men, Intuition for Men, I also like Phoenix Axe brand.spray on your chest/neck and don't forget your wrists.


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