is it normal for a woman to squirt during sex? if so what causes this only some!

It's not normal for a woman to "squirt" vaginal fluid or urine during sex. It is normal for a woman to ooze vaginal fluid from the ducts that are around the vaginal opening.

If there is squirting from the vagina, it could be just that the woman's ducts produce more than average, or it could be the sign of a vaginal infection. Many women have bacterial infections and don't know it, and when the pustules burst or the ducts are already irritated, they will secrete with some pressure.

Also, a fairly common sexually transmitted disease called trichomoniasis will cause an extreme amount of discharge.

In the case of a bacterial infection, the secretions may be clear with whitish and yellowish streaks, or somewhat thin, or with traces of blood. It might also be very smelly like when you pop an old zit in a soft place.

It might not be very smelly at all, but if there's blood in it, that's a clear sign of possible infection.

With trichomoniasis, the discharge may be thick and seem whipped and creamy because of the air bubbles in it from the parasites. Also, when this discharge comes in contact with male ejaculate, it will have a distinctly fishy odor. Some people think it will smell fishy on its own, but that's not the case. It's the combination that gives off that tell tale aroma of sun ripened chum.

To know whether or not one's squirting is natural or because of a problem, a person who notices this should have regular std examinations. If you're all clear then it's all good. Enjoy it, and "don't forget to bring a towel."

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It depends largely on what is squirting. If it is merely vaginal lubricant, it is perfectly normal, and is caused by the normal activity of sexual intercourse.

If it is a thick discharge, lumpy, or foul-smelling, you should see a doctor right away.
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