Does a MRI done while lying on your back show everything?!

Question: I had a MRI done while lying on my back. The Dr. says my back looks fine but I still have major back pain. Does the MRI need to be done with me on my side and stomach to show all possible back problems?
An MRI, like any diagnostic test, only provides limited information. Any doctor that relies on an MRI (or any other diagnostic test) to determine the cause of back pain is a QUACK! Diagnostic tests are performed to confirm the 'working diagnosis' that the doctor develops from the patient history and an appropriate physical examination. Tests are not 'fishing expeditions'! They confirm the diagnosis that is made in the examination room.

Any doctor that does not follow the principles noted above is a quack. Run. Run. Run. Find a doctor that is properly trained and knowledgeable in diagnosing and treating back pain.

If the doctor can not say to the patient after the history and examination: "My findings indicate you may have (fill in the blank, e.g. a herniated disc on the right side at L5, or a bilateral L4/L5 facet syndrome, or a Piriformis Syndrome with radiculopathy, etc.) and I would like to order (again, fill in the blank, an MRI, or a CT, or and EMG/Nerve Conduction Study TO CONFIRM THE DIAGNOSIS, then the doctor IS NOT QUALIFIED to be treating back pain!

Best wishes and good luck!

P.S. Find yourself a good Chiropractor, Osteopathic Physician, Naturopathic Physician, or Physical Medicine doc.

Other Answers:
no because they look at certain areas and ignore the rest but if they had to look youre whole body ovr theyd try diff possitions ne way just incase
ps u cld have muscular problems that dont show up
I had scoliosis and they had me lay on my back, it worked well to detect my condition. Could it be something you are doing in your normal day? If problems go on maybe you should ask for like a bone scan or something if your doctor feels it is necessary but if something was wrong they would have seen something in the MRI.
yes it does. no matter what way you lay in one, it does a 360 degree view of your body. believe me i know i fix them for a living and have had one done. they check muscles, if your still having problems it might be something else


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