can you get a tattoo on your nipple?!

Question: i have never seen anybody with one, if not why cant you have your nipple tattooed
yes, I actually had it done a week ago. It is an EXTEMELY senstive area, and unless you have had breast surgery, and some of the nerves are dead, it will hurt! Also, for most people it is a hyperpigmented area, meaning it is dark, hard to know what the color will turn out like, and if you get any result from all the discomfort.

Other Answers:
OUCH well i know women who have breast reconstruction surgery for cancer get fake aerolas tattooed on
My mom had a friend years ago who said she got Simba tattooed on her breast with his paw on her nipple. I never saw it, my mom said she did though. It sounds too painful to me!
I think you could..but it would hurt like heck.
doubt it the flesh is not stable and streches and it would be very painfull
Yes you can but it is very painful. That is why you have never seen one. It hurts!!
you can get any part of your body tattooed. if you got your nipple tattooed it would hurt a bit more cause nipple tissue is more sensitive
Why would u want too
I know you can have it done.I worked with a lady that had a hummingbird inked on her breast and the nipple inked as the flower the bird was feeding from.
With my own eyes..!
ya i guess


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