how good and easy is belly dancing? please help!?!

Question: I have 5 kids-the youngest is 8 mnths the sencond to youngest is 2 yrs. I am having the hardest damn time losing the last 20 lbs of babyweight! I'm 5'9"and still weigh 164. Everyone says it gets harder the older you get(well I am 31) so pretty much its lose it now or never! I heard somewhere that bellydancing is a fun workout-but how do you start & where do you start? (I also heard it's awesome for use in the bedroom, true?)
WOHOOOH! ur right, dear!
I'm an Egyptian girl, 26 yrs. I LOVVEEE Belly dancing, it's a great workout and it's as sexy as hell. I believe it is even a type of healing psychologically coz it gves u all this self confidence and love! It's definitely my fav sport and my fav..u know! U can search for online videos of bellydancing and get the music for it also online, u can send me if u need the Arabic music websites.

Other Answers:
Yes it is easy to learn and it does burn calories.
Yep, you bet. Bellydancing strenthens your core muscles, and tones your abs. You can lose alot of weight from it, its a fun aerobic activity. Check your local YMCA, some of them offer bellydancing classes if you are a member. Bellydancing also makes you more flexible, which in fact is good for the bedroom. ;-)
My local YMCA, practicing bellydancing.
Go to Ross and find belly dancing dvd's for $5.00 and go from there.

Yes belly dancing is great to get fit, but you know, we have belly dancing clubs in our region (Australia) and of the women that I have seen, they all have big bellies! I reckon I could give it a shot because I sure have the right equipment for it.
As for the bedroom, any pelvic workout has got to be a bonus!
Good luck.
Anything iis good. Hard luck you suck.
Belly dancing is fun to dance. It is hard to dance, but with practice you get better. Its fun and burns calories!
Check out local recreational centers. Or a local yoga exercise establishment, usually in a health club. Belly dancing should be awesome to improve muscle tone and tightening the abs.
Since when is 31 too old to lose weight? 164lbs at 5`9 is a little chubby, but hardly fat. To answer your question. it is fun and builds self-esteen. Easy? Depends on your ability and proclivity for the movement and music. Does not sound like you are interested in being a pro or have a cultural interst, so no big deal. Do it for fun.


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