iam having problem with my chums.?!

i dont know what the problem is your having, but the only way your going to sort it out is to tell them whats going on. be up front with them. or its always going to be a problem.

Other Answers:
You mean friends? Well, what's wrong?
What's Chums? If their annoying people, ignore them!
sorry to hear that sir.
ok whats wrong?
your friends? if so what types of problems?
Maybe your Chums have a problem with you, cos u cant even tell a story!
You are also having a problem with the concept of this site. It is Questions and Answers. Not general statements.

I have a stapler on my desk.
What is the matter with them? Not being chummy enough? Chums where I come from means something you do when you go fishing. You throw fish food into the water and hopefully it attracts other fish so you can catch them. Maybe you should try that.
why is your question is the women's health category?
part of growing up


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