What Got Rid of Your Acne? Im allergic to ProActive?!

Question: I got It, how do i get it gone?
Don't use clearesil it is not a good product. If you go to a dermatoligist they will tell you that. It strips the body of its protective skin layer which protects us from things like bacteria. So really when you first use clearisil you will see improvement and then it will all go bad and your skin will get worse. If you really want to get rid of your acne use a brand called Murad it has a whole range of products from sensitive skin to acne skin. Also you should book an appointment with a dermatoligist. And you should request treatments like stevia, gycolic acid, microdermabresion and etc.

Other Answers:
Try a product called MaryKay.it's not greasy or powerful, it just naturally healths and cleanses your skin. It also doesn't hurt to wash your face and not leave food on your face, or touch your face too much (assuming that's where the acne is). Just let it do its thing.
tetracyclin-you need a prescription.
Try Clearasil it works.
accutane worked for me..but thats cuz my face was honestly one ginormous zit. horrible. now its all gone and i'm happy. but if you don't have REALLY super bad acne, just enough to be a problem, see a dermatologist and get diffrin. it works really well.
experience.acne stinkksss
i use anti bacterial handsoap.. its mad cheap and has the same ingredient as the expensive acne products.. good luck.. if that dont work try apple cider vinegar with a q-tip to spot treat acne. works like a dream but it smells. but its so worth it... Best of luck.. Hugs
Keeep your face and hair clean and especialy dont touch your face if your hands are not clean
I fought acne as a teenager. All the drugstore applicatoins don,t work if you dont follow above
This is really going to sound strange but when I get a zit, I use Preparation-H. It shrinks it up and it goes away. I clean the area with alcohol and apply a thin layer on the area. If you catch it early enough it won't even become evident that it's there. Good Luck!
I agree to that you might try tetracycline, and Retina A. Neither are expensive, but both carry risks. A doctor can prescribe them both for you, I am assuming you are a teen? Acne is caused by bacteria, thus the antibiotic, and also overactive oil glands in the skin, which should normalize as you get older! Best of luck.
I LOVE Cetaphil, Vanicream, and Neutrogena. My skin is SOFT and SMOOTH and CLEAR.If none of these work for you, I think you should go to a doctor. This might be more than just acne.


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