If you were to die tomorrow, what would you do the day after?!

Take the day off

Other Answers:
After resting, come back and haunt someone.
probably be pumped full of embalming fluids and put into a box.
I will give you a more knowledgeable answer on Tuesday
me? well, i'd go to heaven
live my life again!
still be dead i guess
well my body would begin to rot and my spirit would be soaring all over the place discovering other dimensions,meeting up with long dead friends and family
well there aint nothin u can do once u are dead! i would be in a box filled with embauming fluids!
Good question! I would visit with my dad and get him to introduce me to grampa jack
i'd be in Heaven seeing all my loved ones that went there before me.
Very good question! My answer is I would be in heaven.
I'd be resting in heaven.
I wouldant know Ill be in the Glorious place called Heaven
I would think of my life.the people in my life.and why i'm dead in the first place.i would also go to heaven and see all my family members.
I would be lying very still and holding my breath for a very very long time,like forever.
Don't know, never been dead before.
Prepare for my arrival in the next life. Don't you know we all are recycled. Some just more then others.
Have a picnic, eating ice cream cake, in my birthday suit.
I don't know, but I can't wait to find out. I hope it's good.
Sleep late. Get up, brew some coffee (blond, no sugar, sweet enough), scratch parts that itch while yawning. Look in the mirror at the stubble on my chin, smile at myself, wink and pucker my lips as I say loudly "You handsome devil you"..sit on the 'think' tank and contemplate life, except now I am dead so I will need to change my habits somewhat, ok then contemplate my death.

Shower, shave, drink more coffee, dress and drive to
the mortuary where the services will take place. Talk money with the proprietor, explain to him I am not interested in the most expensive casket he has thank-you, will settle for the plain pine box. Spend that night watching as old friends, family, and the plain curious file by me and say stupid things like "doesn't he look good", hell, I'm dead.I look like sheeeet. All those hypocrites who called me a son of a beeeeeeetch when I was alive are all saying, "what a wonderful man he was." The flowers are everywhere, where were they when I was alive by the way, no one ever bothered sending them. Anyway to make a long story longer, next day get buried, it's over, bye.
I'd be in heaven getting used to the fact that I'm dead on earth.
shop till i drop in heaven!
i believe that heaven is a place where everyone can get everything they like =)
Eat and drink and fight in Odins great hall. Maybe try to hook up with some Valkurye chicks. Whomp other dudes in the head with big hammers. Pretty much what I do now.
I'd prepare to attend a funeral


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