would it keep a girl satisfied?!

Question: there`s a question for u girls! i`m 18 and my penis is 5 inches in erection. what do u think? WILL IT keep a girl satisfied? and another thing; do u think there`s any chanche it could reach 7 inches?
I think if it bothers you then it will defintely bother us. If you're not satisfied we won't be able to either. If you know what you're doing that's all that matters. And if you're still unsure start practicing with your mouth then you really won't have to worry about a girl caring that you're 5 inches.

Other Answers:
damm that`s small
probably not try a penis enlargement lol
If you use good foreplay techniques and listen to what she likes, yes.

As for will you grow larger, ask a urologist.
You are only 18 you don't stop growing until you are 25. And YES It would keep a girl satisfied. "It's not how deep you fish its how you wiggle your worm"! Stop stressing your fine!
Girls don't like guys from the outside, they like guys from the inside, so just my kind and loving, and you'll have no problem with girls.
Ive had lovers of all sizes. Its all on how you use it..not just the size. 5" is fine if you learn to be a good lover.

Now if you are 3", just forget it!
I suppose you have small feet too! Really, size doesn't matter, it's what you do with it that counts.
It's already about average (ie nearly 5.5 inches long), and may grow a bit more, so do NOT worry about that.

Girth is good, apparently, but length can hurt; you can knock the cervix, if it is too long.
dont worry! its suppose to be around the average size! its not about your dick, girls do like to see a nice package buttttttttt they would probably prefer someone who has a lovely inside! mwah hope i helped x
Sweetie, it's not how long it is, but it is how you use what you have.. You start with a lot of foreplay and make sure your partner is very aroused. Then try a couple of different positions and see which one enables you to get inside of her deeper..
I don't know about the girls but 5" is fine for me. I've been with guys at both end of the scale and every where in between. It's all ok. So dude don't worry, you will find a girl that is happy with you because of you, not because of your penis. There's much more important things about a man than that. Personality, and quality to name two.
it aint the length of the ship that matters. it is the motion of the ocean.
This is real world advice, not sissy consulation. YES dude. You can have a blast in a Maclaren F1 or in a VW GTI. Depends on finding the right road, curves, and mood. The point is, get the girl aroused first. i.e., use your fingers to get her to 'come' before penetration. FIND one or more of her sensitive zones and stimulate them. Vary the routine. By the time you're done with this, you can stick a baby carrot in there and you'll both have a good time. Find positions that allow deeper penetration. But seriously, very importantly, work on your endurance, lasting 20 minutes with 5 inches is better than 2 minutes with 8. Oh yeah, and the crap about listening, caring and cuddling comes in very handy too.
I would rather be with a guy that has a 5 inch penis and knows how to use it. Than a guy with a 7 inch penis and just lays there.

While there are some girls who truly do like the feeling of a really giant penis inside of them, the vast majority do not.

Men are FAR more concerned with penis size than women are, on the whole.

The truth is that very few women can reach orgasm from penetration alone, regardless of the size of the penis doing the penetration. In fact, because a penis that is too large can be painful, a larger penis can sometimes prevent a girl who ordinarily CAN reach orgasm from penetration alone from being able to with the larger penis inside of her.

The truth is that as long as your penis is adequate to get the job done, you will be able to keep most women as satisfied as any larger man could. And for the rare girl who would truly like to be stretched, you can always bring out a toy of some kind – that can be LOTS of fun.

The truth is that most women require direct clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm, which most men are not going to do with their penis anyway. Most of the time direct clitoral stimulation comes from a finger, or a tongue, or a toy. If you can learn how to properly stimulate a girl’s clitoris, you will be able to satisfy her MUCH more than you can through penetration.

Besides – a smaller penis is always easier to swallow than a bigger one.
I'm 19. It wouldn't turn me off you at all. I have had sex with guys with big dicks, and I didn't enjoy it cos it hurt too much. I have also slept with a guy that had a smaller dick than you. I have to say that was a tricky one, as it was so small I honestly couldn't feel it inside me. I was on top and had to rely on his facial expressions. It was only a casual sex thing, but it still would not have stopped me going out with him. There is other things that can be done to satisfy me. I have to say, even though he was so small, I spent the weekend with him, and he showed me a really good time, and treated me better than any guy ever has. So it wasn't the best physical sex, but it was the best emotional sex, if that makes sense. I remember that dearly. I would be happy with your size, so don't worry.


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