what are the effective ways of increasing one's height now a days.?!

if you're in your teens or early 20s, there are dietary supplements that claim they can help you grow. My son has been taking http://www.heightmax.com/index.htm. for a couple months and he has grown after being 5' 5" for well over a year. Whether or not he would have started growing again at this point in time (he's about to turn 15) no one can say; but it's mostly vitamins and he's had no side effects, so we'll keep using it.

Other Answers:
hang upside down
other than growth hormones, i don't think you can do anything.
Growing acceptance of your height is the most effective.
wear taller shoes!
there's this surgery wherein they cut yout thigh bone in two and attach braces so that the two halves won't connect, stretch the muscles attached to it, and let the bones grow so that in time the gap will be filled with new bone tissue. this is very expensive, though, and can mean immobilization for a long period as the bones heal and regenerate. hanging upside down is effective also, but only to some people as our heights largely depends on our genes. when all things fail, learn to accept whatever size you got; focus on your assets, knowing that whatever you lack in other areas is compensated in other parts; it's the best thing, and only then can you trully have contentment and happiness. as the poem goes- don't compare yourself with others for you will only become vain and bitter..
just accept the way you are, no need to get any taller.


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