after I blow dry my hair it looks frizzy, how do I make it look smooth?!

Question: I am not using any products right now.
Don't blow dry.
Or, if you must blow dry, you can try some leave on conditioner. Kids detangling spray helps some. Frizzease, Bed Head, there is lots of stuff that will help.
Also, I love, love my flat iron.

Other Answers:
hair gel. or hair spray
Try a flat iron or maybe that frizz ease stuff
I switched to an ion hairdryer, it made my hair a lot smoother than with regular hairdryer, ive tried various products and shampoos that work. the best advice for smoothing hair is straightening it, u dont need to have the hair poker straight, i sometimes straighten mine, then use curlers on it, it does frazzle my hair somewhat, but it still looks better than my nautral frizzy mess!
hair spray
use a ion hair dryer or use the "cool" heat setting on the dryer.
Therma-silk Shampoo & Condition,then try using friz-ease after-wards. Friz-ease also can add a great amount of lovely shine to your hair,and make it look healthy.
VO5 can also help some people.
i use shooth and sleak shampoo and comditioner from pantene Pro-V and then a product called frizz down from pantene pro-V too. (they both have the green ish lable) and then i let my hair air dry and then i staraighten it and spray a fair amount of frizz-eaze on my hair (not too much though) it works like a charm!
I have the same problem I found that a dab of

Frizz Ease Serum from John Freida or
Citre Shine Fresh Fusion from Schwarzkopf

..but JUST a small dab goes a long way - too much will make your hair look greesy. Both of these are availible from your local pharmacy I'd assume and are not expensive because they last forever.

Stay always from gels and hair spray. Those Will just make your hair look crusty or feel all cakey and stuck in chunks. Not so hot.
i agree with ms know it all(first answer)
eat right
citre shine polishing serum or st. ives anti frizz will do the trick.. u should never run out of those its a must
frizz ease. or u can try garnier fructis products.
get some gel and a flat iron
Use alot of deep conditoner leave it on overnight and wash it out in the morning it will make your hair look good and you will feel great, but it will take like 1 month to completely calm it down.

Flat Irons just cause split ends in the end (no matter how much your flat iron costs!) with split ends your hair doesnt grow,or it will grow slower.just do the deep conditioner twice a week and DONT wash your hair every day because you wash out all the moisture and silkyness out!

Good Luck.(=
Use Pantene deep conditoner.


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