what is the age to begin madicare or medicaid?!

That depends, are you just poor, or just old, or just old and poor? Medicare is for the elderly and disabled, Medicaid is for the very poor. I think a healthy individual (non-disabled) can begin drawing Medicare at 65, the disabled can draw it any age. Medicaid you can get at birth, through age 18. After that, to get Medicaid you have to be a pregnant woman or elderly.

Other Answers:
65 years old
Medicaid is for people under 18 or people who draw SSI. Medicare is for retired folks or folks who are drawing SSD. If you have to pay for your Medicare, than you are eligible medicaid too. I hope this helps.
When you reach the age of 65, you're entitled to begin receiving medicare and medicaid benefits. This does not occur precisely on your 65th birthday, anymore. It might be at 65 + 4 months, or there abouts. Those people who are nearing their 65th b-day may find the extended period even longer, so it all depends on when you turn 65. Some people start collecting social security as young as 62, at a lower rate, however I don't believe they are entitled to medical benefits until they turn 65. It is best to sign up for retirement benefits a few months before you turn 65. In this way, the processing period is completed when you are qualified for benefits.


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