What hair dye products get the best grey coverage?!

Question: Want to go back to my natural mid-brown color minus the salt and pepper. Any suggestions on DYI becuase I want to avoid the costs of a salon job if poss.
Any sally' beauty supply,they have L'oreal professional,covers grey pretty good for being non-pro. careful,find what base you want, be it warm or cool. Grabbing wrong color could result in color correction which is costly in salon

Other Answers:
Any hair dye would do, even if its really cheap the products always work
I like Clairols Nice & Easy
do a long lasting semi-dye.
I've been colouring my hair at home (with the help of a friend) to cover grey for several years and have only ever used Garnier products. The 100% line offers the best grey coverage. I don't work for them and I am seriously not getting anything out of promoting their products. The one time I had a bad experience with the product (and I actually think it could have been my friends fault) I phoned the 1-800 number on the box and the really nice lady sent me a coupon for a free box of colour.
Personal experience.
i like loreal's excellence :)
loreal is the best.
matrix so color at salon
l'oreal excellence at home


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