Can u really get high off of sharpies?!

I would say if you wanna sniff sharpies to get high. Buy a gun and some bullets (use a credit card, you wont have to pay it back) and I will do the manual labor for free. How much of a deal is that?

Other Answers:
I would say yes.and probably get a monster headache in the process
yeaaaaaaaaaaaa yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yes WOOOOOOOOOOOO YESSSSSSSSSSS
Yeah, but your head hurts like hell afterwards, and it is terrible for you. but hey, it's your head.
Wow! All of you that answered yes say you get high huh?That's amazing considering that sharpies are non-toxic and can't get you high.
Do you really want to risk the brain cells to find out?


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