how comes since i started shaving, the area i shave has gotten darker than my na!

Question: anything i can do to reverse this?
because that's where the hair grows so everything looks darker than normal because of the hair instead of shaving try to use nair it will help. it also doesnt leave any razor bumps or anything of that kind on you area of shaving. i taught my brother to use it and it works great.

Other Answers:
fact of life. partly because melanocytes are being stimulated and partly b/c of hair stub color
maybe it's because there are more pores in the area u shave (they appear after u started shaving)
i also suffer this. i dunno if stopping shaving helps (but u'll have to do it with scissors?!)
I dunno why this happens, but if you pick up the latest mens health, on the appearance improvement pages they have a pube razor that is electric, and can even be used in the shower. i tried it and it was actually kind of fun!


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