Am I just losing muscle? Please read!?!

Question: I started hitting the gym pretty hard about 7 weeks ago, lots of cardio, step class and some light weight lifting. I was seeing results, but the scale wasn't budging much. I got a really bad sinus infection and sore throat so I've been eating mostly soups and popsicles. I haven't been to the gym in 4 days and all of the sudden I'm dropping weight like mad! I'm worried all I'm losing is muscle, I intend to go back to the gym on Monday, I'm not completely well, but I don't want to end up back to square one. What should I do?
resume your workouts as normal. and stay off the scale.
yeah I said it.
Let me give you a really good piece of advice for people trying to lose weight.


I will give you three good reasons.

1. The scale is a liar. Physics tells us that weight is a relative term not specific and its based on gravity so the instruments that measure weight can give any reading for reasons unexplained. Bottom line, scales arent accurate and you will beat yourself up over something you have no control over.

2. Which leads to number 2. Our bodies, especially female bodies can shift weight for unexplained reasons because of hormones. In most cases you cant control it. Everybody has different hormonal functions no 2 people are the same. Hormones are what can make you burn less or more fat, retain or eliminate water from your system or speed or slow your metabolism.

3. Which leads to number 3. You need a good plan and to stick with it. Weighing yourself everyday isnt measuring progress its defeating your efforts by psychologically telling you that what you are doing is not sufficient. If you had a good plan then you would stick to it, measure yourself in 3-4 week intervals, and quit worrying about whether its enough.

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Other Answers:
start eating healthy, like whole grains and lots of carbs, and drink lots of water!!
not in 4 days. but you need to be healthy first. wait. it is ok.
You're not going to lose muscle in 4 days. If you're concerned about that, eat more proteins or get some protein shakes. Muscle needs protein to develop. You're probably losing fluid from the sinus infection/sore throat. Elevate your fluids to be rehydrated when you get back to the gym. By the way, you did the right thing by resting and letting your body have some time off with the sinus infection. Good Luck.
Eat more meat, you cannot retain muscle without eating protien. The body will take muscle as protien if that's all there is. Best wishes
get well and then you can make a comeback.
Calm down,babydoll! Always remember muscle weight's more than fat.Your not loosing all your hard need to get yourself in a better frame of mind.Be more possitive!Are you taking your Vitamin's?I don't mean junk pill's either.Get well and start regular food and train on a lower scale when you hit the gym again.Work your way back to where you were before the SIKKIES hit.But you REALY,REALY need to work on a more POSITIVE mind setting.
You are probably losing both muscle and fat, because it sounds like you are not eating enough calories at all. In 4 days you shouldn't have lost a ridiculous amoung of weight - if it is really dropping fast, I would ask the doctor. It is most important to be healthy -- your body can react to the things you do in good ways only if it is in good shape. You need to get yourself healthy and stay away from hard exercise until you are eating better and feeling stronger. If you get back into exercise too early, you may end up getting sick again and then you won't be able to go back to the gym for even longer. Take care of yourself, please!
I, like you, have the same issue of dropping weight when I miss the gym for a few days. I do not call it a problem because I have realized that it simply isn't one.

A was away from the gym for about month and a half and trust me, going back was difficult. I felt very sluggish and a tad weak, so much that it was impossible to lift the same weights I used to before my absence. But the good news was that within two weeks, I was back! Yeah, I lost maybe 10 pounds but trust me, they come back to you once you are acquainted to your routine.

So, don't worry! You can always resume after you miss some days at the gym.
Having chronic infections myself for years, I know that get rid of the sinus infection should be priority.If you start something before, you will suffer big time.
You can't be losing muscle in this short of time,don't worry about square one---after four days? Take it from someone who has been there, done that, completely concentrate on getting on getting well first, then every thing will fall in place. Good luck !


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