is this a symptom of diabetes or am i in the clear?!

Question: everytime i drink a 20 oz. of coke or pepsi my body starts to ache. what causes that?
that happens to me as well, but with ice cream, it's a reaction to sugar, the sugar gets into the blood stream, blood get's thicker and thats the itchy sensation..but i dont know how old are you but if i was you, i will be taking less sugar and more water, at least reduce 1/2% of whatever sugar you are eating or drinking

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DRINK MORE WATER! I would have your sugar checked to be on the safe side.
Not sure what that could be a symptom of. Best you check with a physician if your really concerned. Getting medical advice here is probably not the wisest thing to do, good luck with that friend.
I don't know how much it is 20 oz, but i will answer you with a question: do you drink "Light" cola?
Light contains "aspartame", a very toxic substance.

A second possibility is that your organism can't stand the coffein and reacts producing pain symptoms (=fight against the intruder).
Possibly this is caused by the caffeine in the beverage. Try caffeine-free and see if you still ache.
I really cant say you might be not drinking enough milk bc that would make your body ache especially your bones, teh symptom sof diabettes to make you feel beter are: excessive thirst, weakness when eating or drinking something with sugar, having to go bathroon alot, headaches occured with vision problems shaking feeling cold and hot, I know this bc my granma is adiabetic, go to the doctor and get checke dout is basicaly all I can say fter i told you that, they know more bc they have alicence.
Not really a symptom I've heard of that's characteristic of diabetes.

Go in to your doctor and talk to him/her about it.
what part of ur body specifically nd wat type of pain is it ?

mayb its jus the carbonated drink the acidity in ur stomach nd u hav a stomach ache as a result.
Doesn't sound like diabetes. your body probably just can't handle that much sugar at once.


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