Once your child-like spirit has been broken is it lost forever or is it somethin!

Say good by to the child and hello real world.

Other Answers:
I sure the heck hope not. If only we all could remain seeing the world through a child's eyes. Bet things wouldn't be in the mess they are right now.
It should not be broken, but tempered with knowledge.
I suspect you can regain it, if in no other way that because you want to.
Things can never be exactly as they were before the gaining of knowledge, but I think that there can always be moments of wonder if you are open to experiencing them. There are good people, beautiful spots of nature, and other such things out there along with the bad stuff. Have heart and seek out these things.
If there is a will there is a way!
Good luck I know you can do it.
that depends. do you want that child-likeness because you regret getting older. or is it because you are a dreamer? by dreamer i mean do you have dreams that got put back on the shelf,and life somehow get in the way of you dream.you can regain it,if you really want it.don't let negative people or situations stop you.get positive. read books,listen to tapes that will motivate you to achieve those dreams.
Unfortunately the world around us today, is very confusing, too many temptations, but that is reality, we cannot escape it, but we can choose what we want, keep the childlike goodness in us, even if we have bad experiences. We can grow wiser, realise this is life, there is good and bad, tap onto the good things of life, go away from what you know is bad, but if bad does happen to you of which you have no control, learn from it, never be it, keep the goodness in you, you can do this by keeping some quite moment to yourself, evaluate things, meditation is good, read books by Dalai lama, being more spiritual.
Depends what you describe as a child-like spirit. You learn from your experiences but it doesn't mean that you have to be bitter or not willing to trust others. As an adult you understand that your actions have consequences but you know the level of risk you're willing to take and accept the consequences of your actions and move on. That doesn't mean that you don't have fun in life.
you never lose your inner child because that's it when you laugh or just by being quirky or behaving funny so don't worry its always there for you
When your spirit is broken,it can be healed,and you can be restored better than you were before. A child like spirit is not something I really understand unless you mean innocent? Yes,I believe it can be regained,depending on the child and how they handle life and situations,people,ect...It can be a test,and how you pass it may reveal who you really were to start with?
According to Erickson and Jung, you will not be able to progress emotionally until the part of your child which was broken is fixed.
I believe you can regain it and really, it's not lost, it's hiding. You may be wiser to the world because you were hurt, but that's okay. When you're wiser, you know when it's safe for the inner child to come out and play, and when to protect it because it's not safe.

Talk this through with a therapist or in a support group. It will help you. It has helped me.
It's NEVER lost forever. It resurfaces from time to time. The good thing is the more you feed it, the more it resurfaces. Remember what you did when it was intact before it was broken, the things that were fun and carefree. Do things like that again. Eventually, the spirit returns. If you "feed it with experiences," it will become stronger and return more often. As you mature, you'll need to keep it tame, though. Good luck and have some fun.


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