Why do people with mental and physical disability are treated badly by others th!

Question: Discriminated, prejudiced, looked down on, taken advantage of, neglected, abandoned. Especially family members. Even the person themselves are really good people-and yet treated like criminals.
So sad, but so true.

People always want to think they are better than somebody, so people with disabilities often get treated poorly. It is one of the saddest things on earth- seeing truly deserving and kind people being treated worse than the ground we walk on.

I cannot tell you for sure, but there are things you can do to help eliminate predjudice. Defend these people! All to often, people do not speak out for what is right.

You can speak up for what you believe in! Be strong and others will follow!

Other Answers:
no idea
because a lot of ppl are selfish only think of themselves
because they are wrongly consider as disable.
because other people dont know what it is like for them
Our society is one where people are always looking for something wrong with the people around them, its just that some are better at handling it than others. People with mental and physical disabilities are the easiest targets for being looked down on, etc. As for the neglect and abandonment, that could be that they just didn't know how to handle someone with that kind of disability and just gave up.
I guess people think the disability is self induced and the person can control the severity. I constantly battle with my family over my depression and the necessity of the medication I take. They just tell me to "cheer up".
because the people that are saying that think that nothing is going to happen to them but usually when they have babys they end up having a pysical or mental disabilities.
Because most people dont understand the disability or the reasons for the mental illness. And I quess alot of it is curiosity towards the person with the disability. Kind of like when people gather to watch a ledge jumper-we dont want him to but we watch anyway.
Everything you've said and more. It's just pure ignorance of many people, until it happens to either them, or someone their close to. I've work within the disability industry for years and now I have my own physical disabilities and I know where you are coming from. I've even had a woman say to me" you must be very understanding working with THOSE people." Well, that sort of got my back up a bit and told her a bit about those people and get back out of the 16th century mentality. My barriers are hidden, so people don't understand that I actually have a disability, until they see me all in spasm, then they go, oh my God! And I tell them outright, this is what happens to me. Ignorance. More education is needed out there for people to realise about people with disabilities deserve a quality of life too!
To begin with, people with normal mental & physical faculties do not know the pain of being unable to do certain activities since they don't even have to think about it while their body and mind helps them. This makes them insensitive. Ever recall anyone having to be in hospital for an injury or otherwise. You will find them like a bird in a cage. Also deformities both physical and mental are used by the media as fun objects which worsens the situation. If you have any sort of disability, there is no need to feel ashamed about it. For instance I suffer from vocal chord disorder which makes it difficult to communicate on the phone or by speech to most people. I get around that by sign language or write down my queries and answers. Silence is the golden word and observe people and understand their intent and if it is to ridicule you just ignore them. People get tired of provoking someone who does not get riled up. Protect yourself from physical harm though. Be cheerful and remember, Dr Stephen Hawking the Astrophysicist is considered the Sir Issac Newton of our times and he can,t even move a muscle and speaks with the help of a computer. Intellect is superior to all else and use that to your advantage. Indeed you are blessed that you can pursue activities unhindered by the trite and banal ways of modern life and shine in your chosen field.
self experience
it is basically a lack of respect for the individual. our society, unfortunately, is one which looks no further than the eye can see. a lack of understanding creates a fear of the unknown and unfortunately people do not want to know about what does not affect them. but everyone has to realise that all life is precious and we should all respect and treat everyone as we would like to be treated ourselves.

our only hope of changing how people view others is to teach our children and lead by example. let children ask the questions we are too embarrassed to ask ourselves and we will all find that no matter how harsh or disturbing the answer may be, there is a person with the same mind and heart as we have ourselves sharing there life with us.

whilst swimming a few years ago my son saw an amputee with only one leg. he asked me what had happened, but i could not answer him as i did not know. he asked how the man could swim with only one leg, again i could not answer him because i did not know the answer. later as i was sitting next to the pool i saw my son speaking to the man in the water. i went over to tell him to stop bothering the man but he said to me "i love the honesty of children. i wish we were all so honest with one and other." he said he would much rather peolple asked him what had happened instead of staring and pointing at him". i felt so ashamed of myself. as the conversation progressed he explained to me he had been in an accident a few years earlier and would have died if they had not removed his leg. he had such a positive outlook on life and made me realise that although he had lost a limb he was the same as me. he had hopes and dreams for the future and was not going to let what happened to him stop him from achieving anything. so mabey we should look to our children for guidance because they are more understanding and accepting of things than any adult i know!


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