Is there a cure for aspergers?!

Question: My 11 year old son does not like being this way and wants a cure.I am looking for ansers for him.
There is no specific treatment or cure for Asperger's.I see children dealing with different aspects of Autism everyday and I know its hard for you and him.Encourage him and help him work through it.Here is a website about Asperger's.I hope it will help you and your son.good luck!

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No, I'm sorry. We are not even sure what causes Aspergers, let alone have a cure. I have a friend with Aspergers, and I can assure you that there are people out there who will care about your son and help him to live with dignity. He is a worthwhile person, and you have my wholehearted respect and sympathy in this challenge in your life.
no idea
Aspergers is an autistic spectrum disorder which has been deemed uncurable by the 'health' sector.
BUT, I have heard some encouraging news on the holistic front.if possible, take him to a naturopath doctor. If not, start researching on the net. You can also check out this book, written by a mom of an autistic boy healed with homeopathy.
Look up DORE on the internet. This chap named Dore put millions of his own money into finding a cure for his daughter who had learning difficulties and believes he found a cure by retraining the brain using simple exercises. If you find it (can't remember the internet address specifics myself), contact him and he will send you an info pack. Good Luck
personal experience
There is no cure but I have seen many children with this disorder learn to function quite well with the use of the proper medication and a very strict structure. Go to your local school district and have them help you locate a social worker who might be able to find a residential program for your son and or a program for you to learn the proper things to do at home and at school for him to learn new behaviors. This will only work if he is recieving this in all aspects of his life. Home, School and any other activities he is in.


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