Crest White Strips?!

Question: Do Crest White Strips REALLY work? How long do you have to keep them on?
I got half way through the home treatment and my teeth started to hurt. I threw the rest of the box away.

The commercial shows people going about their lives with these things on, but you can't really talk normally. And they leave this nasty **** on your teeth.

Other Answers:
yes, they work. they have a 2-week version and a 1-week version i believe. you wear them for 30 minutes or an hour per day
Yes, they do really work. There are two types of Crest strips though there is the over the counter brand which is a two weeks supply. Then there is the professional strength brand which you can only get from your dentist and it is a three week supply and a much stronger bleaching solution. You have to wear them 30 minutes twice a day.
dental assistant
yeah..they're ok..they work..but they're nasty thy're good. i got mine for $2.00 each at a flea market type of thing and they were like a year past the expiration date and still worked.and so the ones that aren't past the expiration date should work way
Hah, I'm actually wearing them right now. Yeah I was skeptical at first, but they are DEFINITELY working. The one I got is a 7 day system (there's also a 10 day) and someone noticed after the first day!

They are a big pain in the butt to wear though. I'm constantly checking in the mirror to fix them cause they slide around and stuff. I've found that if you wear just the top strip for the 30 minutes, take it off, then wear just the bottom strip for the 30 minutes it's WAY easier. You have to do this twice a day.
They really do work!


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