How long does it take for HIV to cause AIDS?!

Prior to 1996, scientists estimated that about half the people with HIV would develop AIDS within 10 years after becoming infected. This time varied greatly from person to person and depended on many factors, including a person's health status and their health-related behaviors.

Since 1996, the introduction of powerful anti-retroviral therapies has dramatically changed the progression time between HIV infection and the development of AIDS. There are also other medical treatments that can prevent or cure some of the illnesses associated with AIDS, though the treatments do not cure AIDS itself. Because of these advances in drug therapies and other medical treatments, estimates of how many people will develop AIDS and how soon are being recalculated, revised, or are currently under study.

As with other diseases, early detection of infection allows for more options for treatment and preventative health care.

Other Answers:
it takes 6 moths to find in your blood that you have HIV.. and AIDS is the severe side of HIV.. it depends on people's immune system.. and how early they find out.. the later.. the faster they will get AIDS and the weaker their immune system like people who are drug additors or alcoholics will get AIDS faster
It could take twenty years and there would still be nothing found. The immune system has the ability to rebound. If you think of the immune system as having different screens or tracks that will take the place of other immune cells as they are destroyed you will realize how amazing our immune system can be. With AIDS there is a changing immune system. It can be different in everyone. Yet, this changing immune system can also be responsible for spontaneous remission.
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