do you have a similar problem to mine?!

Question: After the birth of my second baby, I have my period twice a month. Whereas before any of my pregnancies, it used to be 24 days which is considered normal. I'd like to know what might be wrong? I've gone to my doc and I'll be going through some blood tests. But I'd like to know if anyone is experiencing or has experienced sth similar. What can you tell me about this?
similar problem. the best solution is birth control, the pill form. your hormones are just out of whack, that's all.

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yep. u need to let your guy go down and eat it will help and your doc will tell u the same thing
I had this problem and then they started lasting a month at a time. I had to have a D&C and after that I was fine.
Every pregnancy is different. Sometimes it takes are bodies time to get back into wack. Sometimes the stress of having a new baby will also cause this. It is a new situation. If the problem persists and is painful during these times I would recommend asking my doctor for the once a month nuva ring. It produces estogen in you body and is safe. You change it once a month and you don't have to worry about menustrating. It also works as a birth control.
It is normal after the first 3 or 4 months birth. And if you use breast-feeding . Then it will delate your period. I didn't give breast - feeding to my 1st baby. So it came exactly 28 days. But as I used beast-feeding to my 2nd baby. It didn't come and my doctor said it was normal. Besides if you take pills it will affect your period too. So don't worry too much.


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