Do some women have babies at 39 years old?!


Other Answers:
Yes they do, and sometimes older.
Guess so, I saw on telly that a woman had a baby at about 46
yes they do i had my 5th child at the age of 40
my mom did but i would reccomend not tortuing your 13 y/oby doing this like she did
yes. a lady just had a baby two weeks ago that was 65 yrs old. and she wasn't just the surrogate, she got pregnant
Sure They Do.
Yes, these days primaparas are olderthan 20 years ago, probably due to careers.
Ah yes they do.
Yep - plenty do nowadays
Yes my aunt is 42 and she is getting one.
yes there women waiting untill older to have babys ..some as old as 50
Yes they do. My mother was 41 when I was born. Women are having children at just about all ages of life now. The way I see it is, if you are physically capable of having a child, have one, no matter your age. Live and Love Life To The Fullest.


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