How do i get out of gym membership? I am been charged monthly without going and!

If you signed a contract you are probably stuck in it. The health club I worked at would cancel a person's contract if they got ill or moved 25 miles away from the club. You might want to try one of those excuses.

Other Answers:
Call up and cancel, that happened to me and they charged me another month because they want 30 day notice, so do it as soon as possible.
Here's what you make the time to go there and tell them that you want to cancel your membership. Also a good idea is to talk to the manaer and ask him if he can give you let's say "10 entries in the gym per month". This way you will pay less and you will be able to go as many times as the number of tickets you have. :)
You signed a contract for X$ for a length of time. Whether or not you choose to excercise means nada. The gyms rely on people signing up, coming for a few times, then not coming back. Otherwise, they would fold for lack of space. Usually, only if your job forces you to move to a local that does NOT have that club will you be able to cancel the contract. Remember this the next time you get the urge to sign a gym membership contract. OR, since you have to pay anyway, why not get on a routine and work out a couple of times a week? Like it or not, you are stuck with this one until the time is up.


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