I have severe left kidney pain. Hurts more when I bend down or cough. Any thou!

No burning with urination. Just pain that makes it hard to walk in the morning and hard to walk after sitting for a long time.
It could still be a kidney infection, even if you don't have burning when you pee. The same thing happened to me a couple years ago. I didn't even know I was sick until I collapsed at work! See your doctor as soon as you can.

Other Answers:
Even with burning urination being absent, you could still have an infection. Drink lots of water, cranberry and orange juice. Cut sodas completely. If it isn't better in a couple of days, or it get worse, you may have stones or other problems which will require medical treatment. Also, you may want to be check for a hernia.

Go see your family doctor asap, it might be nothing, but its better too get it checked out now then later down the road.hope u feel better!

I'd bet money it isn't your kidney, but a pulled muscle in your back because it hurts worse when you cough or bend. Some icyhot rub and rest should do the trick.

Kidney problems are extremely serious. Everyone else is going to say this, but really - see a doctor immediately.

If the doctor tells you nothing is wrong after tests (as has just happened to me) go to alternate medicine. After being told nothing was wrong by a western doctor, I was getting a massage from a masseur who knew Chinese medicine. After feeling tightness around the kidneys during the massage he performed reflexology on the kidney area of my feet and confirmed there is something wrong. Im going to go see an acupuncturist next. Good luck!

renal stones ?

HOPE YOU SEE YOUR DOC AS SOON A POSSIBLE. BEST WISHES AND I HOPE THAT IT IS NOTHING SERIOUS. oNCE I WAS PASSING BLOOD IN MY URINE, BUT It was not visible to me----but was to my doc via micro-scope. ( Never did know WHAT caused it); i, seemingly go better, finally. --My sis was allergic to
a sulfa drug that her doc prescribed HER; she broke out--on her stomach, i think it was. I have been prescribed Sulfa drugs and did NOT break out, but i did not feel well when i took it. Sulfa is in Onions and garlic-----I think! but it might not be enough to help you, in case you should need that Drug. Try to trust your Doctor and take whatever he prescribes you --if anything.

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