Urethral Caruncle?!

I have just been diagnosed with this. Has anyone else ever heard of it? Can you tell something about your experience and treatments used. THANKS
I've never heard of it, but I looked it up:
Urethral Caruncle is a very common women disease which can occur at any age. Urethral Caruncle can be prevented. Here you can find the cause, symptom, treatment and information on Urethral Caruncle disese. Urethral caruncle is generally asymptomatic and found in postmenopausal women. Most urethral caruncles are asymptomatic; however, some may be painful, and others may be associated with dysuria.

Here the list of some of the treatment of Urethral Caruncle:
-warm sitz baths
-Topical estrogen creams and topical anti-inflammatory drugs
-surgical excision

Wishing you the best

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