Am I going crazy?!

I have a male friend who I'm very close to but don't fancy or anything like that. He's finishing school and I'm devestated because we probably won't get the chance to meet up again. I don't really want to eat, I can't sleep and I've been crying constantly for nearly a month. Next week is his last and I don't think I'll be able to cope! I don't know why I'm so attached but I really love him. Am I overreacting or going loopy? I don't know.
Absolutely not! Your only human afterall. Sometimes bonds with another person are so strong we feel as though we have known them all our lives when this happens it hard to picture our lives without them. I have been down this road a time or to. *smile* dear your normal.

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No you are behaving in a perfectly normal way - knowing that you are going to be parted - from someone who has been a big part of your life. It simply shows that you are human and that you have feelings. Cheer up - if you are that close you will stay in contact.

From what you say, you sound like you do "fancy" him.
Discuss it with him and let him know how you feel. You are depressed. Either talk to the guy or find someone to replace him.

You are surely too much attached to him to an extend that u cant imagine urslef with him. All u acan do is ask him to be in constant contact with u atleast for the moment.When he will leave thing will get batter u . u will learn to live without him.

no-your not goin crazy u prolly have feelings 4 him and dont wanna admit it-u love him so of course your gunna miss him-

No, it's normal. He must be a great friend to you. The friendship is not at an end just a differnet stage. Try to keep in touch with him often and everything should work out. Good luck.

no, i think you're going normal

no this is a normal thing to go through
how does he fell towards you?
make sure you keep in touch with him..this summer..stay close to him if you can.
make sure no matter where he goes to school you keep in contact with phone calls, letters, and if you can in person..

Ask him how he is feeling about your may be unexpectedly surprised.Maybe there is a way you can keep in contact. Parting IS such sweet sorrow.Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet.

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