Where can I legally marry a Transvestite and whenre can she get her wiener remov!

I've decided to ask for the hand in marriage of a prostitute transvestite I have been seeing for 2 years, she will stop once we get married and undergo a sex change operation. I want to know where I can marry her and where she can get an operation to remove the wiener.

I told my best friend and he thinks I'm out of my mind, and says he will not support my decision. He tells me your a very attractive young man that any women would want. I just cant avoid the attraction to transgendered girls, its too strong, should I proceed with the marriage or get counseling. I think the counseling will help, but will it change who I really am inside? thats why I think it might be bad for me. What do you guys think.
councelling for sure. then proceed as planned if needed.

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Hahaha we've got a funny one..next question please?

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