is it bad to skip meals ?(sometimes i skip a meal or two becuase i dont have tim!


it depends if you are becoming aneroxic then eat or you'll be in trouble. if you miss one or two meals a week then its fine but if you miss too much then you could be putting your health in danger.

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yes its really bad. If u dont have time to eat means u r really busy. your body needs food. stop excausting ur body. eat healthy, have some fruits with u, or a sandwich.

yes..because ur body need d meal to function well..dont skip ur meal because in our body thr's enzim that act to metabolize ur body once these process is intrupted u maybe will face some health problem such as gastrict and ulcer. if u dont have time to eat try to replace d meal at other time or try to take cereal drink for replacing d meal.

yes it is terrible to skip meals, you should eat at least six small meals a day. your metabolism slows way down when your body does not have anything to burn, then you start eating away muscle to have any energy

Yes. This is because, when skipping after a meal or so, when come time for you to eat. you'll just eat a lot, and that causes weight gain and stomach pain. Also, you'll feel less energized without the food and may often not perform at your best.

Whenever I skip out on a meal, although I don't anymore, I get these terrible headaches and the usual loud grumbling of my stomach.

At the least, buy on-the-go breakfast food (granola bars, microwavable foods) or fruits (bananas, apples) and then - at least - you won't deprive your body too much of its needs.

Good luck!

No. It's not bad for the average American woman to skip a meal every now and then. Sheesh! Have you noticed? This country has a weight-problem. Oh, well, enjoy you mcdonald's apple pies.
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i am not american and i skip meals since i was a student (5 years ago), because of my schedule. i eat a fruit or a yoghurt in the morning, at 4-5 or 6 pm i eat something light and then i don't eat anymore. but it depends on your body and your habits. you could have some stomach problems. i personally don't have (yet)

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