is there any cream or medicine to apply to my penis to increase the size of it a!

is there any cream or medicine to apply to my penis to increase the size of it and where can i get it?
There is no cream or medicine that will increase the size of your penis.It all depends on your genes and sometimes your family history.Dont believe what you see advertised in magasines and be happy with what you have.Bigger is not necessary better,its how you use it that counts.

Other Answers:
No there is no cream or medicine that will make your penis grow bigger. You'll have to do with what you have! Make the best of it

im sure there is.haha keep hope alive

Put lots of lard on it. That should help. DO NOT use Crisco as that is shortening. LOL

theres viagra but i dont know where you can get it your gonna have to find out yourself

Good luck with that!

there isnt any magic lotions and potions , only an operation ,but you have to be over 18

no don't waste your money, learn to be happy with what you have, we girls don't care as much about it as you guys think we fact nobody will ever think about your penis as much as you do

theres pills u idiot ever heard of viagra

Yes, but the results are only temporary. You can use any "slippery" cream. But, as soon as you quit rubbing it you'll return to your normal size.

they did not make anything like that yet, so do not trust those false ads you see

Its called fresh womens juice. It will only get bigger the more you do it. All that cream and pill stuff is bull sh*it!

No, but there is an exercise. If it works, please do not get on the internet and brag.

Here goes:

Tie puny runy to the door knob, stand back, slam the door.

This seem to work, I gave this advice to three of your buddies and it must have work, because no one has heard from them since.

Try toilet paper. It always works on womens asses.

Only if you can get "Genes" in a jar.
Just because you have a large penis doesn't mean you will be a better lover.
Accept what you have, and stop worrying about size.

you requires neither medicine nor creame. keep pumping daily 4 hours. your penis size will increase.

ya there is if u slowly slowly rub it u can get regulate with en one month but remember that u have to do in week three times.
but there is no medicine so don't expense u r money
this is easy way to do penis become big if u can not do u self then tell to u r boy friend this is 100% sure idea.

best of luck.

size isn't everything! small can be beautiful! I am female and I know i can be satisfied by a smaller than average penis. its not how much you have but what you can do with it. I'll give you lessons if you like!!

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