If a person goes to the hospital and ends up admitted can they check out themsel!

My mom went and was disoriented her blood pressure was low many other problems and the doctor don't want her to leave and put her on pow (I don't know what that means) but she wants to go home. She wants me to call a lawyer to help her do so. I am at a loss, it sounds like she needs to stay put at least until she levels out but she is scared. Do I lie and say I called a lawyer and he can do nothing or do I need to call a lawyer to help her get out? I really think she should stay but I don't like to lie to her. I need help, could a lawyer get her released?
If the doctor won't let her leave then he thinks she is in danger. Do not let her out. She needs to remain hospitalized until she is stable and diagnosed. Have them sedate her if need be.

Other Answers:
Unless they have a psychiatric hold on her she has the right to sign out against medical advice and just sign a form saying she is doing so.It sounds like she really needs to stay in so lie,cheat or whatever to keep her there until she's better.

Call the hospital and ask them the question.

She can leave the hospital, but this would be called AMA, in other words against medical advise. I am a nurse, and POW is what we call possible overdose watch. I would adive a good nights rest and see what happens in the morning.

Your mother was admitted for a possible overdose watch. She can sign out AMA (against medical advice) but, if she does that, the hospital can legally refuse to treat her when and if she returns. They also will not be legally responsible if she harms herself or others if she signs out AMA. It really is best to leave her there. An attorney will probably give you the exact same advice.
I'm an R.N.

she can check herself out against doc's orders if she is sane and rational at the time. Now the doc's may say that she is a danger to herself and try to stop it. Actually she may just be scared and a bit out of it. If there was a way for you to go stay with her it might help. You can call the hospital and they will tell you her rights on this, but if the doctor wants hes in and there is any chance she is not 100% rational you should encourage her to stay. maybe yo9u could sleep there and get her calmed down.

She does have a legal right to leave.I would tell her that i love her very much and would want her to be well.Let her know that you will be there to support her stay at the hospital the best you can.I don't know the meaning of pow .I wish the best of luck for your mom and you.

Ordinarily if a patient is in their right mind they can sign themselves out AMA against medical advice.Apparently your mom is not herself mentally.I would just tell her the truth until the physician gets her well.She will thank you in the future.

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