what is mitral valve prolapse and how does it make you feel?!


The mitral valve is also known as the bicuspid valve and is found between the ventricles on the left side of the heart.

Mitral Valve Prolapse occurs when abnormalities in the mitral valve leaflets, chordae tendinae, or papillary muscles allow prolapse of the mitral valve leaflets backward into the LA during ventricular systole.

•Abnormal mitral valve mechanism which results in billowing of one or both mitral leaflets into the left atrium towards the end of systole.
o also known as Barlow’s syndrome, as well as “floppy”
or “billowing” mitral valve.
o the leaflets become enlarged or thickened, and the
chordae tendinae become elongated. these changes allow
the valve leaflets to billow upward into the LA during
ventricular systole.
o on auscultation, a mid-systolic click is heard

Mitral valve prolapse symptoms
•Most patients: None
•Chest pain
•Easy fatigability
omitral valve prolapse pt’s have artherosclerotic problems

above is a little more info compliments of my Medical Surgical notes

Other Answers:
Mitrial valve prolapse is when one of the three flaps that are the mitrial valve opens or closes in a different rhythm than the others. Nominally it is no real problem, but in extreme cases, it can decrease the amount of blood entering the heart substantially enough to cause serious heart conditions. Assuiming that yours is not that serious,mine sometimes causes my heart to beat in erratic patterns. It tends to be aggrivated by stress or anxiety. When I am having one f the erratic heartbeat sessions, i sometimes feel a tightness in my chest, or a feeling like my heart is beating into a barrel.like my chest is empty of anything else, if that makes sense. These feelings are my personal experience, so bear in mind that your may make you react differently.

both of my sisters have this. the valves to the hart are not working right, sometimes this can cause the blood to flow the wrong way.they seem to be fine and aren't on medicine or anything. hope this helps!!

it just means that . well basically that you have a floppy heart valve. It makes my heart sound like a goose honking when i do a lot of running and such.

I have to take antibiotics when ever i have surgery or go to the dentist.

Because my heart valves are more . not as strong as they should be i guess i have an increased chance of infection. So because you have open cuts in surgery or little cuts hehe at the dentist, you need to take the pills.

Its really no big deal to me. Later on in life it could cause a minor deal. But hopefully not. Plus its a super fun name to say. I have mitral valve prolapse. :)

That is commonly called a heart murmur. Lots of people have it and don't even know it. I have a relative with it and she is perfectly normal other than her concern over her diagnosis. It makes you feel a hair closer to death.

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