How can I cure lower back pain!??!? I'm only 21!?!

My lower back has been aching pretty bad, standing is fine, bending over and carrying heavy things makes me feel like I'm 80. Does anyone know what I can do for this? Thanks!!
Besides going to the doctor - which u should do in any case - what u can do is exercise ur abdominal muscles. But do not do sit-ups 'cause they tend to be hard on the lower back. See link below for some crunches which are easy on your back and watch how your neck is doing while you do them (you woulnd't want to harm it too, would u?)

Good luck!

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Im 22 and have a life time of backpacking in the rockies to thank for my bad back. i went to a chiroprachter and it makes me feel alot better, its alot easier than grinning and bearing it.

Try lifting with your legs! Don't ever lift something using your back muscles. If you are only 21, and already having back problems, you should see a doctor! Make sure there isn't some kind of problem with your spine or something. Probably you just need to rest for a week or two without straining your back. Make sure you're sleeping on a good mattress too.

Perhaps, you should try cracking it on your side that works for me. Also you can try a massage or a hot pack you can buy in the stores.

Try a heating pad, it could be just stressed muscle.
If this is on a regular basis you really should see a doctor because it could be something serious.

you probly just pulled a muscle in you lower back, a very hot bath and epsom salt will make you feel better for a while, it worked for me. im only 20 by the way.

could be from an old injury or more likely you have curvature of the spine. If you are over weight or out of shape, lose weight and get into shape, strong ab muscles will help support your back. Go to a chiropractor, they will take some x-rays and tell you what the pain is from and they can usually fix it, you will have to visit them about 1 time per month or whenever there is pain. you will probably be stuck with it for life unless it is a problem that requires surgery.

I'm 21 too, and I get lower back pain too, but it's from sitting and working at the computer, and I tend to slump from sitting from so long.

Maybe you should take some pain relievers to ease the pain and lay off carrying heavy things. Try to find someone who can help you.

You can also try putting a heat pack on your lower back to help soothe your muscles there.

Also, when you go to sleep (if you don't do this already), sleep on your back if you can. I sleep like that after working on papers or homework for school, and my back always feels good when it's lying down flat.

weight training. I was rearended by another vehicle and had a back injury. It healed but when I go more than three months without weight training, I F'n hurts like a MF'r!! After only a few days of hitting the weights it subsides. It might work for you too.

they say exercise is the best cure for back pain, I have been suffering for 10 years now-due to an accident. Maybe you should go see a doctor firstly and he will be able to recommend the best exercise or treatment for you. I agree a chiropractor is an excellent idea.

Go to a chiropractor. Its beacuse of stress. Stop wearing high heels. Its very bad for your back. Wear Dr.Scholl's slipper and not flats either. Wear one which supports your curve of your feet. Try all these and once you start feeling better go to yoga classes for beginners and tell your instrctor about your problems they will help you acc. to your conditon. Good luck but first please get rid off your high heels. Your posture is one of the main causes for lower back pain.

learn how to life with your knees. Try not to bend over, squat instead. For now I would use a heating pad to try and relax the muscle. Take some ibuprofen to ease the inflammation and rest your back by sitting only in supportive chairs and if it really starts to hurt lay flat on your back on the floor for a while.

Practice good lifting habits.

My solution would be quite costly,but normally it would work. try to find a good mattress.Now they are selling the mattress with some part of the coconut skin,it is made to cure the back pain.The old people would go for this,they just sleep and get cured. but the setback is the mattress price is very high

because your lower back is weak. do 3 times a week of mild lower back exercises. like dead lift. Also pay attention on your posture! Always keep your back straight when you bend and lift. Soup with tomato and beef bone. Take supplement like calcimum, Vitamin D, Vitamin B complex.not pain killer.

Go to an accupuncturist. I'm sure you've been counseled by alot of people on how to fix your back but none work. Try an accupuncturist, it's cheap, painless, and how could it be any worse right? Besides you're the type of person who likes to try new things.

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