how do u dress better or act for people to like u more?!


Clothes don't really matter as long as your clean and keep yourself looking somewhat presentable. A friendly, charming personality has always worked with me and that doesn't cost anything.

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"It is better to be hated for who you are, than to be loved for what you are not."

You don't. You just be yourself and if people don't like you they aren't worth it.

I dress the same and I treat people the same because I'm always myself! Why would you want to be phoney with someone you like, if you are yourself ,you'll shine through!

You just have to be yourself, that is the most important thing. Dressing a certain way does not necessarily mean people are going to like you more or less.

The best way to act to get people to like you is acting as yourself, if someone doesn't like you for you then it's not worth it.

The best advice I can give you is simply to be yourself, talk to different people, and try to be nice to everyone.

" you cant please everyone you see, you've got to please yourself" R. Nelson

You know i wouldn't cahnge what i wore or what i look like just for people to like you I would be myself and if they don't like it then they aren't true friends

If people can't accept you for who you are or the way you dress they would'nt be deserving of your friendship anyway!

All you need to do is be clean, and wear clothing appropriate for your build. Wear a smile, and be happy to be who you are. No one is liked by everyone. Avoid the cliques, and gangs.
Dress for yourself. Get involved in a school activity that you like. You will meet more people that have the same interests that you have.

i dress and act the same because theres really no people out there who can judge you because you kno yourself they dont

You need to worry about loving yourself for now, the rest comes with that territory. Don't ever compromise who you really are for anyone else.thay will never turn out to be worth your while!

just be yourself

How do you?? Well For one thing ppl always tell you to be who you are. But if you want to look better for somone to like you! . YAY!! My friends tell me I am a Expert at this. My JOB calls for it. NE way--DONT look at magazines Thay over DramiTIZ everything.Get hi-lights! or low lights if you R blond. make sure you build your self up so ppl who R use to you cant discerage you. Find a pair of jeans that you love! Dark jeans only!make sue they dont fit tight NE were! If you have to buy a bigger size than you R use to.. CUT THE TAG OUT B4 U LEAVE THE STORE!That way it will never be true to you again!(I do this all the time)Just know you love them!NO DE-ZINES on the jeans.Make sure thay have a little flare at the bottem,and a little lower on your hips(that will also make the size run bigger).T-shirt that is a little long but fitted (american egal is perfect) and if your a guy a button down shirt-unbuttoned.A belt with a buckel(no YEE-HAW tho).guys.white tennis shoes or brown work boots are great. Girls. open toe heels or Flashy shoes.The "cooler" the place the pointyer the shoes need to be ladys! Now as far as attitud.. Be bold. But yourself. Dont ever ever lie about something. Reality is always more intresting because of what it is!Always be ready for any advintur! and try something new.(not drugs, but a sport or hiking) there are new and intresting ppl to be met everywere! If you are intrested in one sertan type of ppl then find out what music thay like. That is a universal language! B up to date on things thay like. LISTEN TO EVERY WORD THEY SAY! later on make a comment on something that is going on with them.Invite your self everywere!Even if plans are being made for another year!! This way you will know how thay feel about you! If they are still blowing you off you will know!And I am not telling you all of this to change your spirit or morals, but NE one who feels good about them self.. ppl will LIKE them! B happy with you and at peace with your self. If you are working on yourself then be satisfied that you are doing something about what ever the problem might be.And that should make you proud. But now that you asked this Q you got to do Something. I hope this has been helpfull to someone!! Let me know!

go to the mall and get clothes like them. need to take the advice these people are telling you. Trying to dress a certain way or be a certain will only become a never ending cycle. Be true to who you are and what your own unique style and personality is. Do you judge people based on what they look like? Wouldnt you want people to just be themselves around you so that you can get to know the real person they are? That is what people will like about you..being your own self..not trying to impress.that is what the "popular" people do and they end up just being a bunch of clones of each boring is that. Choose friends who are going to be your friend no matter what you wear or act like (as long as you are not being a super B).

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