Why do men have nipples? They don't need them!?!


Male nipples are the evidence of our development from gestation in the womb. In the very early stages of gestation from conception until approximately 13-14 weeks, the human fetus looks the same regardless of gender. At approximately 13-14 weeks post-fertilization , genetically-male fetuses will begin producing their male hormones including testosterone and extra chromosones. In that 14 weeks, when the hormones turn on, nipples are already formed. So, when these hormones turn the once androgynous fetus into a what will soon be a baby boy, he keeps his nipples, showing male and female, started off the same way.

Other Answers:

GOD was goofing around again.

in the womb everyone starts out female until that extra chromosome is added to make them male thats why they justy have nipples instead of boobs

because men will eventually evolve to be able to breast feed babies they are just behind

Women don't need brains. but they have em. so what the hell.

incase of sex change

Why don't you check out the other thousand times someone asked the same question?

Nipples actually help to keep the skin there firm. Be glad you have them!! (Did you know that men can lactate too?) : O true fact...

I used to think my nipples were useless and then I met an overly friendly woman at the tattoo parlor with some knitting needles, a high strength wire harness, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, some cottonballs, a whip, a pinnata stick, a couple jars of crisco, a twister mat and some really ingenious ceiling mounted candle holders. Thanks to her I now understand that my nipples have serveral purposes and I am now a fully impowered submissive partner!
Oral histories passed down over the millenia.

ALL mammals have nipples.

You should read the book "Why Do Men Have Nipples" it is hilarious, and it answers a bunch of funny questions like that!

Because we all gestate to be Female at first :))

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