how do you prevent ingrown toenails?!


Do not cute your nails too short. Let them grow a little.
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To help prevent an ingrown toenail:

Trim your toenails straight across. Don't curve your nails to match the shape of the front of your toe. If you have your toenails done at a nail salon, be sure to tell your pedicurist to trim your nails straight across. If you have circulation problems in your feet from disorders such as diabetes or peripheral vascular disease, see a podiatrist regularly to have your nails professionally trimmed.
Keep toenails at a moderate length. Trim toenails so that they're even with the tips of your toes. If you trim your toenails too short, the pressure from your shoes on your toes' tissue may direct your nails to grow into the tissue.
Wear shoes that fit properly. Shoes that place excessive pressure on your toes or pinch your toes may cause your nails to grow into surrounding tissue. If you have nerve impairment to your feet, you may not be able to sense if your shoes fit too tightly. Take care to buy and wear properly fitted shoes, preferably from a shoe store specializing in fitting shoes for people with foot problems.
Wear protective footwear. If your work puts you at risk of injuring your toes, buy footwear such as steel-toed shoes, which protect your toes.

I've had to get an ingrown toenail removed before. I used to bite my toenails and tear them off. I've had to do my own getting rid of toenails too. I don't get them anymore because I let them grow and then cut them, no more tearing.
Hope this helps.

Other Answers:
By wearing shoes that fit and that have enough toe room.

I agree with Donna.thanks for the 2 points!

cut your nails in a straight line, not curved.

grow them out or clip them all the the time.

cutting a little v in the center of the toe nail

sometimes the way you cut your toes is the cause, but if it keeps getting ingrown they can surgically prevent it from doing so. Speak to you family doctor.

dont clip your nails to short. when you do clip them make sure you clip straight across. the end of the nail should be flat.

..and keeping your toenails clipped

Cut a small V out of the top of your toenail and it encourages the nail to grow up and away from the sides.
I asked a pharmacist the exact same question 2 days ago!

i had them all my life. i even went to the foot specialist but it did nuthin. he said to cut them staight across instead of rounding them off. if they come back the specialist might have to cut off a bit of the nail on both side of it to prevent it
own experience

clip your toe nails square, i climb in really small shoes and always have a problem with this, you have to clip the top flat and they won't grow under.

avoid eating sea food, eat vegetarian food
maintain celebacy.
good medical council

cut your nails straight across not into the edges

Cut your nails in a straight line, not curved lower on the sides. Make sure you don't cut them too short also. Don't wear socks or shoes that are too tight.

If you get an ingrown toenail, cut a small downward V into the center top of the toenail to eleviate the pressure. Socking in warm water also helps.

Place cotton under the toe nail.
My Doctor tolde me bec auseI am a diabetic.

Cut your toes off.
That's what my grandpa would say.

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