how much does an organ transplant cost?!

I need specific dollar amounts, not the variable costs involved.
depends on the organ.

For example in your case, a brain can be bloody costly..and it would not be a transplant, it would have to be an implant to build up from scratch.

If you were to give your brain to someonelse, it would be very costly, since it is new, and never used yet..

Other Answers:
Ill Give Ya My Organ Free Of Charge

3000 dollors

ask your insurance provider

In the U.S. it is illegal to "buy" an organ for transplant.

However, people do it all the time, often traveling outside their countries to do so. Apparently the going rate in Isreal is approximately $145,000.00.

Check out this NY Times article.

Funny you should ask, only about three weeks ago I was involved with one myself. We had some friends who were moving and they didn't want theirs so we simply took it from them free of charge. It was actually only a keyboard, but it can makes sounds just like an organ. We really like it. I can play the first part to "Roll Out the Barrel" now.

well, i guess it depends on the type of organ, if you're looking for a musical organ, then that could run u about 200-300 bucks. but an organ for your body could run u a few thousand. hope this helps.

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