I'm considering ordering a prescription drug from a Canadian Company. How do I!


Just because it is Canadian, or American, or Botswannese makes no difference.

If you order, say, a can opener from a company and it doesn't work, you just throw it away and say "darn, I got suckered".

If you order drugs without a physician's perscribing it (self-medicating), you run the risk of serious medical problems even if the drugs turn out to be legit.

If you order drugs WITH a perscription over the internet and you get something "different" than what your doctor ordered, and you get sick or die, you can't just say "darn, I got suckered".

Stick to local drugs, no matter where you are, at least until they get the regulations all sorted out.

You may save $$, but you're not saving your life.

Other Answers:
you dont. i've heard some really nasty stories about some of the drugs and other pills that are coming in from overseas.

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