Is getting your penis pierced painful?!


O.K. bear with me, but...


Of course it will hurt!

My advice: Before you do something stupid that you will live to regret, GET A CLIP ON!!

Other Answers:
yes. Depending on piercing it can be painful for you and your partner during intercourse. Jacobs ladder.
Have you ever caught you skin in a zipper? Hurts like a b#### then goes away.
Its your P#### abuse it I guess.

Not if you're under anaesthesia. However, I figure when the anaesthetic wears off it won't feel too good. Believe you'd have to be a total nut case to do it. Read a book that said the Mayans did it as a ritual to show the men could handle pain (only have read it one time, no guarantee).

I would assume it would be very painful. My mom was getting a tattoo while some guy got his done and said he cried like a little child.

What do you think? And then if you get the piercing caught on something. like a string in your underwear and you move the wrong way.I don't even want to think about the horror stories you will have.

It is very painfull, because you have all your nevrs in that organ. So better think twice, before you are doing something..

Not really,Mine has been pierced six times.The skin under the shaft is a little less painful than the head and you have to keep yourself very clean.Urination is a little unpleasant for a couple of days hopwever.

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