I am still young and have an average weight,why does my heart hurt when I exersi!


I would suggest that you go to the dr. and tell him your problem. Hopefully he will order an EKG, and possibly a stress test. Your heart shouldn't hurt when you exercise.

Other Answers:
Go see a Doctor or Cardiolgist

It sometimes has to do with how much and how often you excersice--maybe your heart isn't used to be stressed like that.

I'd say go see ur doctor and ask about this problem. Just to be on the safe side.

Chest Pain? If you feel it in your back as well and have periods of shortness of breath- have your Doctor check your Gall Bladder. It sounds funny, but I had these issues a few years back- it had turned out that I had Gall Bladder disease. By the time it was discovered, I had septicemia and was toxic, near death due to my gall bladder rupturing and contaminating my blood stream and other organs- it wreaks havoc on the liver. Anyhoo, I may be way off- but I always let people know about my experience because it never hurts to have everything checked out.

Sleep well, do not worry for exercises, do simple walking; rest will be ok.

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