do girls dislike bald men?!


if you are bald from it falling out or not growing yah they dislike them but if it was shaven off then no but it also depends on the woman

Other Answers:
Not necessarily. Some woman prefer bald man. To each its own.

hair's nice but bald is okay :)

Not at all. Its all in the man. Take Lex Luthor on Smallville. He is one sexy mother f*cker!

Some girls definitely like bald but I don't know anyone who likes a comb-over!

Well if you are Chris from American idol then yes we love bald men or Vin Desel (spelled wrong )

No way! There are alot of bald men that are sexy. Are you talking completely bald? Bruce willis had a bald head at one point.. Andre Agassi, completely bald.. Chris Daughtry on American Idol.. completely bald. that is just to name a few.

Not if they look like Patrick Stewart. And Vin Diesel is simply divine.

Hair is gr8 ..bold not much but is ok too..

NOPE i think vin diesel is pretty hot hehe.

It depends; its not everyday sombody sees a bald man walking down the street. it takes some time to get used to, but if being bald looks good on you, GO FOR IT! :)

its the shine

No, but its better when you admit it. You know, be bald, no comb overs, no hair pieces, and especially no pony tails.

A guy is SexXxy wit or without HAIR! well depends on tha guy lol not if he's OLD!

Not at all. One of the hottest guys I know has been completely bald from a very young age.

well everyone has different history teacher is bald and i think hes kool soo i guess i like bald guys.but my teacher is young.maybe i would think differently if he was old!

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