what is good for dry skin?!


I use Ucerin or AquaPhor for when my girls skin gets extremly dry. You have to apply it a few times a day for it to absorb in the skin and quench your skin back to where it feels hydrated.

Also, I have been using the new Olay Body Butter Ribbons skin wash. I am using the one with Jojoba butter in it.
I than follow up with a rich cocoa butter body butter either by Body Shop or Walmart sells a great product that is only $6 a tub. Its by Tree Hut Brazailin Nut body butter. Loaded with good things to moisturize your body.

One last thing I LOVE to use and is excellent for extremly dry skin, exzema, phirossis or any other skin problem is Sea Salt scrub. It is awesome and will heal your skin within a few days.

Good luck in finding something to heal the dry skin.

p.s. if your heels suffer from dry and cracked skin the BEST product I have found is called Flexitol Foot Balm..its original use is for people who suffer from diabetes..fortuantly I dont have diabetes but this balm is a miracle cream!

Another good thing to use for dry skin is an oil spray made by The Body Shop.any of the Dry Oil Spray products. I have yet to find a cheaper product that is similar to this..but I know it works. You could just use baby oil after you have washed your skin in the shower..I put it on right before I step out of the shower.

Other Answers:
Try paraffin wax treatments.

quench by olay really works-make sure you put it on every few minutes and you will really see a difference

a full body massage with sesame-oil, two times a week in the evening, take a warm shower next morning without using too much soap.

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