how do I find out if my husband has other email addresses and a screen name on a!


It's nice to know I am not the only one with these types of problems.

Just ask him.

If he lies to you and you don't trust him what is the point of being with him.

And any why would you want to be with someone who seems to want other people anyway?

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sounds unlawful

Sweetie, I told you I'm through with Internet Sex, now quit spying on me.

i don't know call aol

Simple. Try asking him! You know, communication is not a bad thing and vital to a successful relationship.

If you don't trust him that much, do yourself and him a favor and LEAVE. Seriously, if you're this paranoid and insecure you're only prolonging the inevitable, just get it over with and leave now.

I suspected my husband also of having other email addresses, and putting an ad on the adultfriendfinder sites. I went to adultfriendfinder put in my husbands name and it came up with his email. He used his real name and real email. So I made up an email address, this one I'm using. Emailed him to see how far he would go. Now I know this sounds awful but I'm having fun emailing him in secret. Everytime he thinks about going to far I say what about your wife/ etc. I know I'm just buying time before he would really probably do something and everyone told me to stop before it does get out of hand but I guess a part of me feels in control. I have the best of two worlds so to speak. If you want to catch him there is easy ways especially if he uses his real name. I wouldn't suggest you play this game because you will get hurt. I have but now it's like an addiction or something. It's crazy. Hope this helps. If not email me: We will talk more.

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