what is new color make up for this spring?!


use a color make up that can fit your personality and especially your face. of course you better look at the mirror first!

Other Answers:
softer palettes, think 40's 50's fresh face.. bare eyes with mascara and red lips.. nothing garish. figure out if you are a cool or warm tone.. ask the gals at sephora or the mac counter.

dark blue?

Chartreuse with rainbow sprinkles. Very popular with the "IN" crowd. Works for me too, but I'm easy.

red and pink and yellow

the new make up trend for spring is going to be"supermodel" circa 1990's, including dark colors of shadow, metalic eyelids, liner around the entire eye. also big thick eyelashes and falsies will be in style. cheeks and lips will be understated, the focus will be all on the eyes

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