How can I lose weight fast with out pills or surgury?!


basketball burns more carbs than any other sport. you should try it. plus you get fast results!!


by the way you are not fat

bball is so easy!! before you know it you are a size zero!!

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cut out processed sugar and carbs, i switched to sugar free cream and splenda in my coffee and switched to wheat bread and pasta and dropped 10 pounds in a week - also try and exercise some - good luck

Two words WORK-OUT
my mind

RUn and dont eat as much like not that much fat Im doing the same thing my best advice join a sport or something to get you active?

Cut down your eating habits dramatically. Smoothies are very filling. You can have it as a meal and then just have a small dinner.

Also, exercise and drink a lot of water.

Why do you need to lose weight?

I think as long as you work out on a regular basis and eat healthy, that's all that matters.

But if you want to try losing weight, try exercising more and eating better.

I don't think you can actually lose weight "fast." It's a slow, gradual process.

What I did to lose weight fast without pills/surgery was to cut my caloric intake, eat more protein & very minimal carbs, and run like mad on the treadmill! Also, I tried the "After 6" Diet. Here's how it goes: you can't eat anything anymore after 6pm, you just have to satisfy any hunger pangs with liquid such as water or low-cal beverages. It might work for you.

cut out processed foods eat lots of lean meat fruit vegetables and exercise
thats what i did- check out "the paleolithic diet"

Drink lots of water.

The AB lounge, Six Second Abs, excercise on a daily basis, don't eat too much fast-food. Finally, go to the nearest GNC store.

Dance!and have fun with it if you have a dog run around the yard with it.DON'T go on a crash diet and drink A LOT of water!


highly recommended..

Whether you like him or not, you have to respect Dr Phil just because of one thing.

He continually asks his guests’ one simple question: "How's it working for you?"

Success in anything comes from FINDING WHAT WORKS then DOING WHAT WORKS.

I am going to reveal to you the Secret Weight Loss Formula that Celebrity personal trainer don't want you to know about.

Before I reveal the secret, first I need to explain to you that there is process that your body goes through to burn body fat.

So how does your body burn fat?

It is a two steps process and in order to lose body fat you need to:

1.Release the fat from the fat cells and only then
2.You can burn the fat

How does your body release the fat from the cells?

Before you can turn your body into a fat burning machine, here what needs to happen: your body fat need to be released from the fat cells. You can accomplish this step successfully with your nutrition program. Here are some specific tips that you can apply right away to achieve that.

1.Eat 4-6 small, frequent meals and never skip meals.
2.Eat natural foods; avoid processed & refined foods
3.Eat lean proteins with each meal.
4.Eat more complex carbs, fruits & vegetables.
5.Drink plenty of water

How does your body burn the fat?

If you started exercising and then reached a plateau, you have probably burned more muscle tissue than fat with your workout. This is the worst thing that could happen.

Let me explain.

Less Muscle = slower metabolism = Weight loss plateau
Then you end up in the yo-yo dieting bandwagon.

How to burn the *fat* instead of burning muscles.

You need to do some MODERATE cardio training. The key word here is moderate.
Doing too much cardio can be detrimental and I am sure you have seen those people that are doing cardio on a daily basis and still not getting anywhere. The result is a low metabolism. Low metabolism means, your body fat is not going anywhere, anytime
soon. Here is what you need to do:

1.Do some moderate cardio training; the key word here is moderate
2.Never diet but consume little fewer calories that you will burn (No starvation diets, Please.)

Your muscle tissue is your best friend when it comes to burn body fat. You need to preserve muscle tissues in order to keep losing weight. Most people go on a starvation diet combined a lot of cardio to lose weight. At first it may seems like this is working because they are losing scale weight.

Now think about, scale weight does not tell you if weight loss is from fat, water or muscle tissue. Scale weight by itself is not a good indicator of success.

To maintain muscle tissues you need to:
1.Do some resistance training. (This is not optional, it is mandatory)

The secret

Now that you understand the whole fat burning process, I am going to reveal to you how celebrity personal trainers do to get those amazing transformations. The strategy is to combine all the steps that I outlined so the body works as a unit. First, the trainer makes sure that his client is eating the proper food on a regular basis.

By that, I mean eating so that fat WILL be released from the fat cells. Then and only then they exercise the body to burn the fat. The important idea to take from this is:

"The fat can ONLY be burned after it is released from the fat cells".

If you know anybody that has been exercising like a maniac and they don't seem to go anywhere, now you know why.

The reverse is also true, do you know somebody that is eating properly but they are not including any resistance training combined with moderate cardio. Now you know why their body still looks the same.

All you need to do is to combine a nutrition program, along with some MODERATE cardio program and maintain muscle mass with resistance training. Everything is combined with one goal in mind: Turning your body into an Automatic fat burning machine. It is that easy.

There is a final step to that process and it is tracking your results.

Remember Dr Phil; don’t keep doing something that is not working. Tracking helps, you determine what works for YOU and what does not. Without tracking, you have no idea on how to change your strategy.

Don't like the results you have been getting? Then CHANGE YOUR STRATEGY.

How do you change your strategy? How do you find one that works?

DO NOT continue doing something just because "THEY" say it's the way things should be done. Allow yourself to choose the solution that will work for you, regardless of what it may be. The only way for you to know who is right is to measure your progress and ACTUALLY track your results.

CHANGE IS HARD, but it's also worth it. Not getting results makes change EXTREMELY HARD.

Get support from friends, family or a coach who knows about body transformation. Losing weight is not as hard at it seems once you know what works for YOU.

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