How often should a penis enlarger pump be used with out causing damage?!



Other Answers:
Read the directions that came with it.

Whay would you want to. if you have someone who wants sex tell them to get it elsewhere.

What the heck?? They are a scam. Penis enlarger pumps?? ha ha

have u ever been on's caled DIRECTIONS!!

Dont even think of using it. It can actually damage your penis. Seriously, those things are not going to enlarge it but actually could leave you with vascular damage that will make it hard to get hard, no pun intended. Throw that thing away and read up on this and you will find that there are other ways to enlarge it without pills or pumps.

Pumping more blood into your penis than it can take is dangerous. Throw away the pump. Pumps are not supposed to be used for enlargement, they are for impotent men.

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